Doggett Sibling 10 Years After Reunion

We (six Doggett siblings and four spouses) gathered at Villa Ndio during the first week of July 2022 to commemorate our mother Trudy Doggett and father Clint Doggett on the tenth anniversary of their death in 2012. We reminisced and traded stories, and honored them in the garden at Lou Baguié and at Villa Ndio. It was a bittersweet time that gave us a chance to catch up as well as to review and divvy up archival materials left at Villa Ndio.

Here are some photos from our time together, taken by Kathy, Marti, Tony, our neighbors Caroline and Sandrine, and me. The thumbnails are in a random order that changes each time the page is loaded. Scroll down to start background music (optional; click on the right pointing arrow) then scroll back up to click on any thumbnail image to enlarge it and start a slide show. Use controls at the center bottom of the image to enlarge images. Each image shows for 10 seconds. Use the left and right arrows to reverse and advance overriding the slideshow automation. Click on the x in the top right corner to exit the slide show.

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