Welcome to Villa Ndio!  This website  contains articles, stories, commentaries, photos and miscellaneous musing borne out of our experiences from more than a third of a century in our 300+ year-old house and garden not far from the French Riviera.  Peppy is known for his photography passion.  A separate website — villandiophotography.com — showcases his work.  Kathy is known for her international relations passion.  A separate website — katherinehagen.net — is where one can find her timely and in-depth commentaries on important social and geopolitical events.  This website — villandio.net — is all about events in and around our home base, and adventures  far and wide.  You will also find here stories about Doggett and Hagen family events, and news of interest to same.

If you would like to comment or contribute to this site, please email rdoggett at  villandio dot net or khagen at villandio dot net (masked to thwart scammers and hackers.)  We would enjoy hearing from you.